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This is the official website for Gian-Carlo Carra, City Councillor for Ward 9 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

June Newsletter 


Hello Ward 9 Neighbours, 

Throughout 2016 and the start of 2017, I invited residents from all over Ward 9 to join me for their local Community Objectives Workshop (COW) to discuss the challenges, opportunities, strengths, and overall vision for the neighbourhood. I was humbled by the number of residents, social institutions, and businesses that came out to spend a  Saturday with me and their neighbours.

At the conclusion of this workshop, I promised two deliverables:

1)      The ‘Raw Data Report’ from the workshops; and

2)      The Ward 9 Annual Strategic Report.

After meeting with hundreds of Ward 9 neighbours, I am very pleased to tell you that the Ward 9 Annual Strategic Report is complete. You can find an online version of the report (as well as the Raw Data Report) here - http://www.gccarra.ca/cow-strategic-report/


If you would like a hard copy, please let us know at ward09@calgary.ca and we will be happy to mail one out.





Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra, Ward 9