Ward 9 Great Neighbourhoods Calgary – Gian-Carlo Carra

This is the official website for Gian-Carlo Carra, City Councillor for Ward 9 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Great Neighbourhoods make a great city

Great Planning
Ward 9 neighbourhoods are at the forefront of Great Planning. We’re piloting new approaches and forging collaborative relationships between our communities. Our goal is to create a vibrant city with natural landscapes, less sprawl, a rich mix of housing options, accessible transit, strong connections and opportunities in arts, culture and business.

Here’s our planning in action:

  NextCITY is transforming our planning and development processes.

  A new master plan for transit will integrate a 30 year mobility plan with both land use planning as well as a new focus on ever-improving customer service.

 Through The Framework for Growth and Change, decisions will not be political, but based on planning merit and total cost accounting financial considerations.

Transforming Local Governance
We’re committed to building Calgary’s culture of volunteerism, neighbourhood activism and local governance. A rich mix of residents, businesses and institutions can meet, plan and work together to make our neighbourhoods what we want them to become. Local governance creates a better culture within our communities at City Hall, as well as opportunities for schools, churches, communities and other facilities.

Here’s how a look at local governance in action:

 Bridgeland-Riverside is exploring a Community Association-BRZ hybrid.

 Fairview’s 50th Anniversary started a conversation about their future.

 Ramsay worked with Natural Step Canada on a long-term Community Sustainability Plan.

 Parkhill, Erlton and Rideau-Roxboro pioneered a next-generation planning process.

 Winston Heights-Mountview, Renfrew and Bridgeland worked with the University of Calgary on a plan for the Edmonton Trail Corridor.

 The Inglewood Design Initiative argued that new planning processes are essential ingredients for successful neighbourhood intensification.

Transforming City Hall
We’re aiming to transform 20,000 municipal bureaucrats into interdisciplinary teams of front-line civil servants, embedded at the neighbourhood-level. They will work closely with the citizens they serve and achieve community-specific goals and master plans.

We’re transforming City Hall with:

  The Inspiring Strong Neighbourhoods Pilot, which is making Police,

Fire, Bylaw, Parks, Recreation and Community and Neighbourhood Services into interdisciplinary neighbourhood-based teams.

  Tomorrow’s Workplace is transforming the municipal workplace from a 9-5 cubicle farm to a mobile, decentralized, adaptive workplace.

  NextCITY is allowing our city into be a place where neighbours, developers and embedded teams of civil servants collaborate.

Transforming Taxation
Our goals as a city are to provide basic, universal necessities. We want a city where the revenues we collect and the expenses we choose to undertake are transparently connected. We want to eliminate poverty and create a healthy mix of diversity in every neighbourhood.

Our fiscal prudence is demonstrated in:

  The Framework for Growth and Change and NextCITY.

  How we collect revenue.

  Our commitment to ensuring tax money stays in Calgary in the service of  Calgarians.

  Our desire to Cut Red Tape, through departmental Zero-Based Budget Reviews.

  Being a more effective and more sustainable government.

Being People Focused
We have the capacity to fulfill our responsibilities to our citizens. That includes sustainable revenue streams needed to build transit systems, recreation facilities, police and fire stations, libraries, community centres and parks. We will maintain and renew aging infrastructure and avoid leaning on less competent governments for permission on matters that impact our citizens.

Here’s how we’re building a people focused future:

  Our Mayor and Council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Province towards the creation of a Calgary City Charter.

  The Province is committed to undertaking a coinciding overhaul of the Municipal Government Act.