Ward 9 Great Neighbourhoods Calgary – Gian-Carlo Carra

This is the official website for Gian-Carlo Carra, City Councillor for Ward 9 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Council News in Brief - Regular Public Hearing Meeting of Council - January 22, 2018

Land Use Items:

All land use items reviewed by Council were approved with the exception of:

Land Use Amendment (Oakridge – Ward 11)

This land use amendment proposes a redesignation of land to accommodate a mixed-use development.  Council approved first reading. Second and third reading withheld pending further consultation with Councillor and Development Permit to Calgary Planning Commission (no later than 2018 June).

Road Closure and Land Use Amendment (Silver Springs – Ward 1)

This application proposes redesignating two parcels in the community of Silver Springs to accommodate redevelopment of the site for multi-residential development, specifically affordable housing.  First Reading of Bylaws 2C2018 and 29D2018 were approved.   Second and third reading withheld pending conditional approval of Development Permit by Calgary Planning Commission.

Planning Matters Not Requiring Public Hearing

Secondary Suites Land Use Amendment Advertising Bylaw (2M2018) Approved by Council.

Designation of Fairey Terrace as Municipal Heritage Resource: Report recommendations were adopted.

Designation of Nimmons Residence as Municipal Heritage Resource: Motion to withdraw (at the applicant's request) was adopted and item was withdrawn.

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