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SPC on Transportation & Transit - January 18, 2018

Carshare Parking Policy Update

The Committee recommended that Council receive this report for information.

The Carshare Parking Policies (Attachment 1) were designed to allow citizens and businesses the benefits of carsharing in Calgary while managing parking activity of shared vehicles. The policies have been successful in discouraging clustering behaviour, as defined in the policy, in both residential and commercial areas by encouraging the carshare organization (CSO) to proactively redistribute their vehicles and allowing for a financial surcharge to the CSO if clustering occurs. Since July 2017, Administration has not levied the financial surcharge to the CSO as clustering, as defined in the policy, has not occurred. The Carshare Parking Policies provide clear direction that CSOs are required to pay for parking and adhere to on-street time restrictions and other parking restrictions, consistent with all other parkers. The Carshare Parking Policies have provided Administration with guidance to engage with CSOs and citizens in a consistent and transparent manner.

Multi-Family Residential Parking Reduction Policy

The Committee recommended that Council receive this report for information.

The Multi-Family Residential Parking Reduction Policy (Attachment 1) was approved by Council in 2015 May and has provided Administration with guidance in considering significant parking relaxations for new developments. The policy provides guidance to the most appropriate locations and additional considerations to manage any potential parking impacts from the developments. Administration is not proposing changes to the policy through this report.

This report will provide an update of the observed impacts from completed projects. The first zero parking building approved under the policy, N3 in the East Village, opened to residents in spring 2017. Administration has found limited parking spillover impact due to the development as on-street occupancy in the area has remained at under 60%. A trip generation study revealed that residents of zero parking buildings are choosing active modes (walking, cycling) for the majority of their trips. Administration has received interest in further zero-parking developments in pre-application meetings.

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