Ward 9 Great Neighbourhoods Calgary – Gian-Carlo Carra

This is the official website for Gian-Carlo Carra, City Councillor for Ward 9 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Regular Public Hearing Meeting of Council - April 16, 2018

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Planning matters for public hearing

All secondary suite applications were approved except for the items listed below.

· A land use amendment application in the Mayland Heights area which recommended the redesignation of a property to permit a secondary suite was not approved.

· A land use amendment application in the Hawkwood area which recommended the redesignation of a property was abandoned and therefore not approved.

All land use items were approved except for the item below.

· A land use amendment application in the Bowness area which recommended the redesignation of a property to permit rowhouses was not approved.

Olympic bid proposed public engagement approach
The City of Calgary has confirmation from the provincial and federal governments that it will receive funding to explore the potential for a bid to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. This funding is subject to several conditions, including that The City hold a plebiscite. Given the short timeline before final bid submission, Administration proposed a public engagement approach, including a plebiscite, and recommended it be approved and initiated as soon as possible to meet this condition.

Last week, a motion passed during the Priorities and Finance Committee meeting that required Council to reaffirm its commitment to, and support of, continuing forward with the exploration of a possible bid. The motion also included an amendment that directed Administration to draft guiding principles and Terms of Reference for an Engagement Advisory board to help guide Council’s decisions.

Council voted to continue bid exploration until June, when the final reports on benefits and costs of the 2026 Olympics will be ready. They amended the motion and voted in favour of setting up a sub-committee (which would include Council representation) to deal with matters related the Olympics. At the next meeting of Council, sub-committee members will be appointed and terms of reference will be reviewed and approved.

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