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3 More Sleeps!

December 22, 2017

With just 3 more sleeps before Christmas, I wanted to update you on the current Snow and Ice response.


Roads Snow and Ice Control (SNIC) operations update for December 22:

Roads crews have restarted P1 routes with snow event #9 starting on Dec 21 at 14:00h. The new snowfall overnight was between 1-2 cm.

Our priority system consists of Priority 1 - 4. The current status is:

  • P1 - 60% complete
  • P2 - 5% complete
  • Cycle Track - 10% complete
  • Bike Lanes - 0% complete
  • P3 and P4 - 0% complete

We recognize the amount of snow is significant and a parking ban may be of some benefit. The decision to not invoke a parking ban was made for the following reasons:

1/ Type of snow:

This type of snow has a dryer less cohesive, i.e. powdery type composition and is more easily managed and less intrusive for parking areas than heavy wet snow.

2/ Time of year:

This time of year, many vehicles are left on-street by people who have left Calgary and although they are responsible for the vehicle there is a lower ability for them to manage their vehicle during this time of year coupled with an influx of visitors creating a greater demand for on-street parking. If a ban were called it would be in effect starting December 21 for up to 72 hours, ending on Dec 24th.

3/ Favourable forecast:

Favourable snowfall forecast, so minimal new accumulation that would further affect parking along snow route parking ban corridors.

4/ Field assessment:

We assessed the access and egress in several neighbourhoods along snow route parking ban routes and saw vehicles navigating relatively easily. Only trouble was at 26 bus locations and those are already being addressed and bus zones are already parking restricted.

For these reasons, we decided not to invoke a parking ban. Our focus will be on intersection clean-up and other priority routes. We understand there may be some minor impacts associated without calling a parking ban as windrows adjacent to parked vehicles reduce convenient access but felt on balance this was the best decision for the community at this time of year.

Click to see completed routes and current progress on: https://maps.calgary.ca/RoadConditions/?redirect=/roadconditions

The cost so far to respond to snow event #8 is $665k including $69K of contractor costs.

Material usage during snow event #8: 2289 tonnes of salt, 1544 tonnes of pickle mix and 19,756 litres of liquid products (salt brine, calcium chloride brine and a carbohydrate based brine).

Total 3-1-1 SR’s (Service Requests) is 396 SR’s.

dec 22 snic.png