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This is the official website for Gian-Carlo Carra, City Councillor for Ward 9 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Keeping Our Great Neighbourhoods Safe

There are many programs available to keep our neighbourhoods safe. Photo source: Aryn Toombs / CALGARY HERALD

There are many programs available to keep our neighbourhoods safe. Photo source: Aryn Toombs / CALGARY HERALD

Hello Ward 9! 

I'm so proud of the care and commitment of Ward 9 residents and the focus they have placed on making sure their communities stay safe and beautiful. As we all know, every neighbourhood has problem residents who may not be as diligent in making sure they are great neighbours. 

My office and I have been asked how neighbourhood residents can be more proactive in ensuring that their neighbourhoods stay safe and how and to whom they report those concerns when they suspect that there are illegal or nefarious activities happening.

If you know people in your neighbourhood that care about community safety and may find this information helpful, please do share this with them. If we can let the residents of these properties know that they're being watched, they'll pack up and leave; but it's our responsibility as caring residents to make sure that we continue to keep the pressure on them and let them know our neighbourhoods won't stand for this type of activity in the communities we love.

SCAN Makes Your Neighbourhood Safer

Have you heard of the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) program?

It’s a great provincial resource that helps Calgarians address problem properties in their neighbourhoods.

SCAN targets and shuts down properties that are regularly used for illegal activities such as:

  • Drugs
  • Gangs
  • Prostitution
  • Child exploitation

If there’s a suspicious property in your neighbourhood, DO NOT investigate it or approach the people who are there. Instead, file a complaint.

To file a complaint

After you file a complaint:

  • A SCAN investigator will contact you confidentially and discreetly
  • You WON’T be called as a witness or identified to any police agency or court

How SCAN operates:

After receiving a complaint about suspicious property, SCAN investigators can:

  • Begin an investigation
  • Gather information
  • Issue a warning letter
  • Mediate the dispute
  • Apply to the Court of Queen’s Bench for a Community Safety Order (CSO)
  • Take any measures necessary to safely and effectively close the property

Note: A CSO is a court order that requires the occupants to vacate and allow SCAN to seize the property for up to 90 days; it can also impose conditions on occupancy and tenancy.

What are the signs of a property being used for illegal activity?

If a property is being used for illegal activity, you may notice a high frequency or combination of some of these activities:

  • Frequent visitors at all times of the day and night
  • Frequent late night activity
  • Windows blackened or curtains always drawn
  • Visitors with expensive vehicles
  • Unfriendly people who appear to be secretive
  • People watching passing cars suspiciously
  • Extensive investment in home security
  • Strange odours coming from the house or garbage
  • Garbage that contains numerous bottles and containers, particularly chemical containers
  • Putting garbage in a neighbour's collection area

I know that public safety is important to you and my office and I will be increasing our communications to you in the future. 

In the coming weeks, I will be reaching out to all Ward 9 communities to give some suggestions and show some next steps on how my office and I will be working with you to make our communities even safer.

Gian-Carlo Carra