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Green Line Utility work near Pop Davies Park

There will be utility work being done near Pop Davies Park in Millican-Ogden in preparation for the Green Line LRT. Photo source: City of Calgary

There will be utility work being done near Pop Davies Park in Millican-Ogden in preparation for the Green Line LRT. Photo source: City of Calgary

Hello Millican-Ogden-Lynnwood,

I wanted to send you a note regarding some utilities work around Pop Davies Park in case you come across it and have questions or concerns.

With the Green Line coming to Millican-Ogden soon, Enmax will be doing some preparation work by conducting shallow utilities work along Ogden Road SE, in the area north of Pop Davies Park.

What’s being done?

Overhead wires will be lowered to underground ducts. The ducts will be directionally drilled. In order to do this, hydrovac work will occur with traffic accommodations with the road right-of-way to ensure that the drilling is successful. The work will also include removing abandoned poles along the west side of Ogden Road from the CN bridge south to just pas Millican Road.

How long will this take?

Work began on August 29, 2018 and will continue for approximately three weeks.

Will there be signage?

No signage will be posted for this work, though Enmax vehicles will be seen on-site. Please note that there are no direct impacts to private properties or private accesses during this construction.

What will the impacts be?

Traffic accommodations will be made from about September 5 to September 14 to ensure that traffic flows as smoothly as possible. There will also be two 15-30 minute windows of closure that will be coordinated with Roads to remove overhead wires will be necessary, though when they will happen hasn’t been decided and will be determined as the work progresses. One closing will be across Ogden Road south of the CN bridge, and the other will be across Millican Road along Ogden Road.

Also, I have been informed that no trees are being removed. There is an expectation that the smell of petrol from contaminated soil will be noticeable near the small excavations for drilling once the earth is opened up.

The Green Line team has indicated that the smell itself does not present a danger to humans and animals. The hydrovac truck will be operating in the area during the first 2-3 weeks and will be quite noisy but will only be operated during the work days, and not evenings and weekends and the excavations will be fenced off for general public safety according to best practices.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact 311. If you feel 311 isn’t appropriate, please contact my office and we will do the best to satisfy your concern.

Have a great weekend, and be sure to share this information with folks in the community who may have interest.

See you soon.