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Interested in the Olympic Plebiscite?

November 13, 2018 is Vote Day for the Olympics. Photo source: Lyle Aspinall/PostMedia Network

November 13, 2018 is Vote Day for the Olympics. Photo source: Lyle Aspinall/PostMedia Network

Ward 9 2026 Olympic Bid Engagement Open House

There will be a 2026 Olympic Bid Engagement Open House in Ward 9

When: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Time: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Where: Hotel Blackfoot, 5940 Blackfoot Trail SE

The Open House will follow a similar format to the City’s Engage events. Everyone is free to move around at their leisure.

There will be city staff on hand to facilitate. They will answer questions and direct attendees to information boards which will have much of the material you can see on the online portal here: https://engage.calgary.ca/2026Games

The open houses are opportunities to provide hands-on feedback directly to staff. Usually there are forms with specific questions that attendees can complete and leave with staff. The five focus topics of the engagement are:

  • Community

  • Venues and facilities

  • Environment

  • Economy

  • Costs

All five are outlined in detail on the Engage portal in Step 2 (“Learn about the proposed bid”). The Engage Toolkit is a great resource as well.

Olympic Public Engagement and Information

Do you want more information to answers like:

  • Why is Calgary considering hosting the Games again?

  • What are some of the proposed Olympic and Paralympic numbers in the Draft Hosting Plan?

  • Will hosting the Games help or hinder Calgary’s future?

Then please have a look at the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games bid engagement toolkit.

Through to October 28, Calgarians have the opportunity to learn more about The City’s analysis of the Calgary 2026 Draft Hosting Plan Concept (see below).

In addition, the online engagement portal was launched today, giving citizens a chance to review materials and offer input at their convenience through to October 28.

The engage website is calgary.ca/2026Games

2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Bid Engagement and Public Events

2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Bid Engagement and Public Events

The engage website is calgary.ca/2026Games

The City of Calgary’s Secretariat was established to examine Calgary 2026’s Draft Hosting Plan Concept and provide advice to City Council and the Assessment Committee on opportunities, benefits, costs and risks associated with bidding and possibly hosting the Games. The Secretariat also ensures Council and the Assessment Committee have the information they need to make the decision on whether or not to bid.

The Secretariat has undertaken a thorough analysis of the draft hosting plan. It has worked with City of Calgary staff in all departments and external consultants with Games experience to determine and assess benefits and risks inherent in the draft hosting plan. It has also worked with other orders of government, the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

There have been some external comments about how the information is being presented through the public engagement platform, specifically around categorizing potential benefits and risks associated with hosting the Games.

Should The City decide to submit a bid, and it is successful, the draft hosting plan would continue to evolve. The examples of benefits and risks listed in the engagement materials are provided to achieve a balanced approach. The examples are “potential” and not intended to be taken as exhaustive.

What are the next steps?

The City is engaging Calgarians to help City Council decide whether or not to submit a bid to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. City Council will consider a range of information before making its decision.

The City is engaging Calgarians to help City Council decide whether or not to submit a bid to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. City Council will consider a range of information before making its decision.

Mark your calendars - November 13, 2018 is vote day!

What’s on the ballot?

The question on the ballot will be:

Are you for or are you against Calgary hosting the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games?

__ I am for Calgary hosting
__ I am against Calgary hosting

Advance Vote

November 6 and 7 – Advance Vote 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. (14 locations, one in each ward)

November 6 – Mount Royal University 11 a.m. - 5p.m.

November 7 – University of Calgary  11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Senior’s Accommodation Vote (November 6 & 7) – list of residences will be added to the website shortly

Special (Mail-in) Ballots

Applications are now open and can be made online, in person or over the phone until November 13, 2018 at noon.

Ballot packages must be received at the Elections Office by 4 pm on November 13, 2018. 

If the mail strike occurs arrangements have been made to deliver the packages to Calgary addresses via courier.


Voting on Vote Day

Time:  8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

160 locations across the City.

Voters must vote at their designated voting station.

Hospital Vote:  10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (rotating)  Foothills, Peter Lougheed, Rockyview, South Health Campus


Who is eligible to Vote

A Canadian citizen at least 18 years of age who has resided in Alberta for a least the last 6 months (since May 13, 2018) and lives in a Calgary Voting Subdivision on Vote Day. 


How to Vote

For the first time, Elections Calgary will be using vote tabulators to compile the results.  Voters will be provided a paper ballot and they will mark their choice on the ballot.  The ballot will then be run through the tabulator, if there are no errors, the ballot is accepted into the ballot box.  If the ballot has been marked improperly (e.g. too many choices) the ballot will be returned to the voter and the voter will be given an opportunity to correctly mark a ballot and have it accepted by the tabulator. 


Looking for information on The Games before you vote?


At the Voting Station, after the last voter leaves the station, the tabulator will generate results for the ballots received by it.  Those results will be posted for scrutineers to read.

The results will be available on the Calgary.ca/vote2018 website and City social media channels. The legislation prevents the results being released voting station by voting station on Vote Day.  When all results have been tabulated, which we are planning for at the latest 10 p.m., Elections Calgary will post on its social media channels that the results will be released in the next 15 minutes.

Public, Campaigns, and Media will all be encouraged to watch our Social Media Channels to ensure they are prepared.


Useful web links:

Who can vote

When & Where to vote

The Question

ID Requirements

Vote workers

For more information, visit www.calgary.ca/vote2018 or call 311.


Upcoming closure of the Calgary Zoo's West Gate

Calgary Zoo’s West Gate will be closed effective Tuesday, October 9, 2018. Photo Source: Global News

Calgary Zoo’s West Gate will be closed effective Tuesday, October 9, 2018. Photo Source: Global News

Hi Inglewood and Ramsay residents! The Ward 9 Office has received word from the Calgary Zoo that the West Gate will be closed effective Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

However, eligible Calgary Zoo members who live in Inglewood and Ramsay are able to pass through the Calgary Zoo’s Security entrance with their valid zoo membership and special Ward 9 Community Pedestrian Pass.

Please confirm your eligibility for the pass by contacting ward09@calgary.ca and include a photo of your valid zoo membership and proof of address.

A few reminders for how members gain special access to the zoo when the West Gate is closed

Valid only for Day Admissions – Daily 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (during West Gate closure only)

  • Inglewood and Ramsay residents who are valid zoo members must contact the Ward 9 Office to receive a Ward 9 Community Pedestrian Pass.

  • To gain access through the Security entrance, members must present both a valid membership card along with a valid Community Pedestrian Pass.

  • If a membership has expired, unfortunately access will not be granted.  The Security Team is not able to renew memberships; this can be done at the north gate, online or over the phone.

  • Access applies to pedestrians only; there is no public parking available.

  • Members entering at the Security gate are not able to bring guests who are non-members as Security does not have the capability to capture payment or complete transactions.

  • As the Security Team does not have the capability to capture payment or complete transactions, there will be no special access for evening events including ZOOLIGHTS.

The West Gate will re-open in the spring of 2019. Please visit www.calgaryzoo.com for more details


Volunteering to Build Great Neighbourhoods

What are some of the ways you can make your Great Neighbourhood better? (Photo source: City of Calgary)

What are some of the ways you can make your Great Neighbourhood better? (Photo source: City of Calgary)

Date: September 1

Hello Ward 9!

I hope that you’ve all had a great summer and that the smoke, heat and hail didn’t impact your days too much. I had the continually-invigorating opportunity to speak with Calgarians at Neighbour Day, Stampede, community events and meeting folks from all neighbourhoods across Ward 9.

It was great to see how many people love their neighbourhoods. The most asked question I got from residents was “What’s the one thing I could do to improve my community?”.

Each time I would respond the same way: volunteer.

It’s a little known fact that it was my time as a volunteer with my community association that ‘primed the pump’ for me to enter city politics. I had a lot of opinions about how things should, could, and would be if I would be listened to. One day, a close friend of mine (who had heard just about all of my opinions) turned to me and asked: “Hey, before you complain, have you volunteered?”.

I hadn’t thought about it. I realized that I took it for granted how many people were working to make my neighbourhood better – people who may not have had a lot of time to volunteer, but who had the heart to improve the neighbourhood.

Many people were taking the time out of their lives –– to staff Traffic, Safety, and Re-Development Committees (among others) to make our neighbourhood the best it could be and it was unfair for me to be so critical of them when I wasn’t stepping up myself.

So I joined.

I was put to work quickly and greeted by thankful volunteers. I got to know my neighbourhood and the people in it better, learned how The City worked, and got to improve the neighbourhood. I met some great people that I am still close friends with today. It was a wonderful experience and I wish I had done it sooner.

It’s said that the number one reason people don’t volunteer is because they’re not asked; so I’m asking you. Here are the community associations in your neighbourhood:

Each of them have dedicated volunteers who could use your input and help. I’m asking each of you who have the heart to volunteer, to volunteer for your community association. Your ideas and skills will make your neighbourhood better when you’re working with like-minded people.

I look forward to supporting you. As a former community association volunteer, you have a champion that will always fight for you in achieving your neighbourhood’s best future.

Let’s continue building strong and Great Neighbourhoods together.

Yours truly,

Gian-Carlo Carra

P.S. Be sure to sign up for the Ward 9 newsletter to know what’s happening in your neighbourhood and share this newsletter with your friends, family, and neighbours in Ward 9 so they can stay on top of things as well. Thanks!


East Calgary Politicians Free Family Swim & Meet and Greet

East Calgary Politician Swim & Belly Flop Contest (gcc blog post).jpg

Come on out for the East Calgary politician swim and belly flop contest

Hello everyone! I'd like to invite you, your family and friends to come out and enjoy the last days of summer with your local politicians — Calgary-Fort and Calgary-East Members of the Legislative Assembly, Joe Ceci and Robyn Luff, along with myself.

This is a free family event and we'll have hot dogs and refreshments ready to be served. 

So come on by, meet your neighbours and come bend the ear of your local politician about the opportunities and challenges in our neighbourhoods or just come by to say hi! 

Hope to see you there and feel free to share this invitation with your friends and neighbours. 


Calgary Transit bus schedule to change September 3

The Fall Service Changes will come into effect on  Monday, September 3 . Photo source James L. Bures

The Fall Service Changes will come into effect on Monday, September 3. Photo source James L. Bures

Four times a year, Calgary Transit looks at the bus routes and schedules to figure out what’s working and what could be improved. They consider several factors including feedback from their customers and drivers, ridership levels and changing traffic patterns.

To stay up to date on changes to the routes you use, download the Calgary Transit app and follow them on Twitter.

The Fall Service Changes below will come into effect on Monday, September 3.

Click this link to see which Calgary Transit routes have been adjusted.  


2018 Property and Business Assessments – What’s next?

(2 minute read)

As you probably know by now, The City of Calgary has mailed out more than 500,000 residential, non-residential, and business tax assessments in early January.

Hopefully, you have received yours by now. It is important that you take a look at your assessment.

Remember, assessment notices that you have received are NOT tax bills. Tax bills are mailed to business owners in February and to property owners in May.

These property and business tax assessments are an estimate of property and business market values as of July 1, 2017, which are used to determine you taxes.

While 56 per cent of Calgarians will see a tax decrease due to the revenue neutral tax system nature of our system, many single-family homes will see a higher tax bill.

For non-residential properties, The City of Calgary estimates that that approximately 61 per cent of these properties will stay between plus 10 per cent or minus 10 per cent of 2017 property taxes.

I am mindful of the continued difficulties faces by our business community, and it is one of the reasons I voted to extend the $45 million dollar Municipal Non-Residential Phased Tax program which caps those property taxes at five per cent from large shifts in market value that are a result of the massive decrease in market value of office buildings in the downtown core.  

Again, I encourage you to review your property tax assessment. If you do not agree with your assessment, you have the ability to file a complaint with the Assessment Review Board.

This complaint can ONLY be filed during the Customer Review Period which runs from the date you received your income tax assessment in January 2018 until March 12, 2018.

Before you file your complaint, if you have questions about your 2018 property or business assessment notices, please call the Assessment Business Unit at The City of Calgary at 403-268-2888 to talk to a tax assessor.

If the assessors aren’t able to answer your questions and your assessments are complicated, please contact me at ward09@calgary.ca and my office and I will do our best to clarify your matter and to find a solution prior to you looking into filing a complaint on your tax assessment.

It’s important that The City of Calgary get how we tax our citizens right and that when we get it wrong, you have a way to correct it.

In addition, here are some helpful online resources:


Don’t forget to connect with me on social media and online to stay informed and to keep our conversation on building Great Neighbourhoods moving forward.



Zoo Road and 12 Street S.E. Bridge Opening

It is with genuine excitement and enthusiasm that I send out this invitation on behalf of the 12 Street S.E. Bridge Replacement and the Zoo Flood Mitigation project teams, as well as your Team Ward 9, to join us for the official opening of Zoo Road and the 12 Street S.E. (Zoo) Bridge. 

Please Join Us!

When: Saturday December 9, 2017

Time: 1pm to 3pm 

Where: 12th Street Bridge S.E. (south side)

There will be food and warm drinks along with games, caroling, horse and wagon rides and a visit from Santa. Don't miss out on this family-friendly celebration to thank our Ward 9 neighbours for their patience and understanding.

On that note, I would like to personally thank all of you who endured the many months of construction (and earsplitting noise from the pile driving!).  I know this was not always easy, and there were a lot of lessons-learned as we worked to coordinate the different projects happening throughout Inglewood and Ramsay.  

The 12 Street S.E. Bridge is just the beginning. Through the Main Streets program we will also address the entire length of 12 Street S.E. from the bridge deck to the Green Line LRT Station, four blocks south. With more major infrastructure work to come, I am confident that we will be able to mitigate the impacts on our communities while meeting the project timelines. And you can be sure that I will be fighting tooth-and-nail to ensure the needs and wants of our neighbours are heard by City Administration. 

This historic re-investment into the original neighbourhoods of Calgary is an incredible first step in building a better city for us all. I am proud to say that we are working towards a city that focuses on putting tax-dollars back into the inner-city rather than subsidizing unsustainable growth out on the edges. Over this term you can be sure that I will be holding the City's feet to the fire to make sure that we extend this re-investment to all our great neighbourhoods in Ward 9 (I'm looking at you, East Calgary). 

Want to know more? 

Have a look at all the Inglewood and Ramsay area projects.