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Everyday I'm shovellin', shovellin'

December 20, 2017

I hope that everybody has made it safely through the snow over the last 24 hours.

As I can imagine, there may be some frustration out there about roads getting cleared, but be assured that the City of Calgary does have a plan and here’s the update for December 20.


Calgary’s received between 12-20 cm of snow since noon yesterday leaving roads, sidewalks and cycling infrastructure snow-covered. Snow flurries continue to fall in some pockets of the city. The City of Calgary’s full complement of crews are out working on high volume routes, clearing snow and laying down material.

Our friends, family and neighbours who drive are reminded to slow down and drive for the winter road conditions.

The focus for City of Calgary crews is on P1 (Priority 1) Routes and there has been a good response to this storm.

Our priority system consists of Priority 1 - 4. The current status is:

  • Priority 1 - 5% complete
  • Priority 2 - 0% complete
  • Cycle Track – 0% complete
  • Bike Lanes - 10% complete
  • Priority 3 and Priority 4 – 0% complete

You can keep track of completed routes and current progress by clicking here

The cost so far to respond to this latest snow storm has been $289k including $12K of contractor costs. Annual budget of $38.1M, the General Ledger is at $37.1M (97%) spent as of December 20. No updates were sent for snow event #7 and snow was primarily in the southern region of Calgary.

Material usage during this snow period:

  • 393 tonnes of salt
  • 25 tonnes of pickle mix
  • 6,555 litres of liquid products (salt brine, calcium chloride brine and a carbohydrate based brine).

What’s next?

The 7-day forecast shows periods of snow falling until Thursday. Looks like we are going to have a white Christmas, after all. 

7 day forcast.jpg

P.S. If you saw a wet brown solution on the roads before the storm yesterday, don’t be alarmed – the Roads Department is trialing beet juice mixed with salt brine as an anti-icing agent. The mixture has been used in provinces across Canada highway maintenance and has been proven to be a very effective material for snow and ice control.

P.P.S. Roads is also trialing the use of snow gates this winter season. These prevent snow from being transferred off the end of the plow thus reducing windrows for short stretches on roadways which will improve accessibility for Calgarians.

P.P.P.S Thank you to my friends in Roads for this fantastic information!

Above Seasonal Weather is Over – Get Ready for Some Snow!

December 18, 2017

10 to 30 cm of snow is expected to start tomorrow for the Calgary area with light flurries continuing into Wednesday.

The City of Calgary’s road crews are monitoring the situation closely and are ready to deploy to all Priority 1 routes as soon as possible.

Priority 1 routes include any major roadway with traffic volumes exceeding 20,000 vehicles per day (like MacLeod Trail). Once all Priority 1 routes are complete, road crews will move on to Priority 2 (5,000 to 19,999 vehicles per day) and Priority 3 & 4 routes.

If you are concerned about snow and ice control in your neighbourhood please remember to file a Service Request by either calling 311, visiting 311 Online or downloading the app to your smartphone.

You can also review the Road Condition Map to see what routes have been cleared.

Currently there are no snow route parking bans in effect.


Want to know more?

Learn more about the City of Calgary’s 7 Day Snow Event Plan

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Check out some of the Community Based Snow Removal Programs

Or nominate a Snow Angel if someone has already been giving you a hand.