Ward 9 Great Neighbourhoods Calgary – Gian-Carlo Carra

This is the official website for Gian-Carlo Carra, City Councillor for Ward 9 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Community Representation Framework Task Force

Great Neighbourhoods are more than just the people that live there. They are also the businesses and institutions, like churches, schools, and social agencies, that operate there. Finding a way to integrate and create dialogue among these groups is critical. 

Community associations are one way that we can begin to do this work, however, we need to move to a 'next generation' community association model that brings residents, business, and institutions together to talk about where they have come from, where they are currently, and where they want to go. 

The Community Representation Framework Task Force involves a variety of stakeholders including community association members, the Federation of Calgary Communities, private developers, city administration, and members of City Council, to talk about the future of communities. The goal of the Task Force is to develop a decision-making framework or governance model on community building.

This will bring us one step closer to fulfilling Gian-Carlo's second goal of his Great Neighbourhoods platform and developing a next generation community association model.