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This is the official website for Gian-Carlo Carra, City Councillor for Ward 9 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

City Finances- Tax Shift Update - June 12


Hello Neighbours,

Last week, tax assessment bills were mailed out. Many small businesses in Ward 9 were shocked at the results. The increase, in some cases, were 300-400%. On June 10, many small business owners banded together as one and held a rally outside city hall prior to the special meeting of council, which was tasked to address this issue.

The decrease in the market value of a small number of high valued downtown properties has resulted in the redistribution of property taxes to other non-residential properties. Today, Council approved the 2019 Municipal Non-Residential Phased Tax Program (PTP) to mitigate the increase in non-residential property taxes due to the redistributive effect of 2019 property assessments.

The 2019 PTP will result in a minimum 10 per cent reduction in the municipal portion of non-residential property taxes caused by this redistributive effect, (not including the effect of Business Tax Consolidation (BTC)). It is expected to benefit owners of approximately 11,900 non-residential properties. It is the responsibility of non- residential property owners to distribute the economic benefit to their tenants (businesses contained within the non-residential properties).

The 2019 PTP is a separate, one-time program and not an extension of the 2018 Municipal Non-Residential Phased Tax Program (2018 PTP). This means it uses the same eligibility parameters as the 2018 PTP and is calculated using the 2018 municipal non-residential property tax before the 2018 PTP credit was applied.

Find our comprehensive question and answer sheet here


Hello Neighbours,

On April 8, Council approved the 2019 Property Tax Rates.

For residential homeowners, Council approved a combined 2019 property tax rate increase of 3.45 per cent. For the median residential property owner with a home valued at $475,000 this will mean an annual increase of $105 on the total tax bill.

To help non-residential property owners, Council approved a combined decrease of 3.07% in the non-residential combined tax rate in 2019. Tax impacts on individual properties will vary depending on the specific assessment change from 2018 to 2019. This does not include the impacts of the Business Tax Consolidation (BTC). The BTC will increase non-residential property taxes, while decreasing business taxes by an equal amount.


Hello, citizens. I want to talk to you today about the first part of a two piece conversation about the challenges that your city council has been having with citizens over the last several months. The two big challenges are; 1. the tax shift challenge and 2. how do we build the things we need to build. We have a 300-million-dollar tax hole, and the city wants to hear from you how we should solve this problem. On March 18th, council will present all the options and we encourage all citizens to tune into that meeting via live video. After that, we call on you, be ready to add your voice March 18- April 1 through online engagement and email. Get the background information in this video, and additional info coming in part 2.

The capital side of the city's budget has tightened up over the years and is looking to continue increasing service levels while reducing the cost of government. Since 2014, we have put 5 Billion dollars back into the city, keeping Calgarians employed, while building the city of the future. We have four big projects on the table, listen to Gian-Carlo explain the what and how's of this.