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**September Snow Event Information Here**

Welcome to Ward 9...

a collection of the most diverse, historic and interesting neighbourhoods in Calgary.

Stretching from Winston Heights Mountview to Acadia, from Dover to Roxboro, you will find the city within a City that is Ward 9. Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra was elected in 2010 to serve the people of these incredible neighbourhoods at City Hall. Gian-Carlo's mission is to ensure that neighbourhoods are the driving force behind change, and that the citizen truly is a decision-maker in the future of our City. This website is designed to engage, inform, and respond to residents of Ward 9 as we work together to create the neighbourhoods and city we desire. Stay connect with us and join the Ward 9 mailing list by clicking here.

Great Neighbourhoods Make a Great City

Councillor Carra and Team Ward 9 have their work cut out for them as they work to achieve the Great Neighbourhoods platform. The platform included five key areas;

  • A Great City is made of Great Neighbourhoods -Transforming Planning

  • Neighbourhoods Are Where We Live Together – Transforming Local Governance

  • It’s Our City. It’s Our Government. They’re Our Civil Servants - Transforming City Hall

  • Building A City That Pays For Itself – Connecting Revenue With Expenses And Transforming Taxation

  • Taking Control Of Our Future – The Calgary Charter and a City Government, By, Of and For the People

  • Read the whole Great Neighbourhoods platform

Latest City Business


Calgarians are reminded of tree debris disposal options

Calgary – As Calgarians assess their properties after our recent snow event, those who have trees that have been damaged are reminded of options to dispose of branches and tree debris:
  • It is recommended that citizens visit a City landfill as landfill operations are best equipped to deal with all sizes of tree debris. All three City Landfills will accept tree debris from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Garbage and recyclables will only be accepted up to 5:00 p.m. Tipping fees continue to be waived for all tree debris that is not mixed with other garbage.
  • Beginning today, Saturday, September 13, citizens can access all 33 of The City’s leaf & pumpkin drop-off locations to dispose of tree debris. Please ensure that you dispose of manageably-sized tree branches to ensure your safety and the safety of those picking the loads up from the depots.
  • Citizens can continue to pile tree branches that are no longer than 4ft in length on front curbs or boulevards as long as they do not impede sidewalk or laneway access. City crews will collect these piles in the coming weeks.
Calgary’s community spirit has continued to shine through, and citizens are encouraged to help neighbours by picking up, pitching in and pulling together.
  • Pick up small pieces of fallen tree debris like small branches and leaves. Please be safe and don’t put yourself at risk by pulling down big broken branches or trying to move large pieces of fallen debris. Move only what you can safely manage.
  • Pitch in by helping your neighbours and friends and those who are unable to help themselves. Drop off your tree debris at your local landfill or at one of the 33 convenient community drop-off locations.
  • Pull together by working with your community to help those in need. If you can help with the small debris, we can get to the big stuff faster.
City crews continue to deal with urgent tree hazards. Please allow them enough space to do their work safely. If you do see crews and equipment working in your area, please consider parking off the street to allow them access to tree trimming piles and damaged public trees and please slow down when passing crews. Safety is a primary consideration for both crews and citizens. For more information, please visit