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This is the official website for Gian-Carlo Carra, City Councillor for Ward 9 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Do you live in Ramsay or Inglewood? Join your Team Ward 9 for our Community Objectives Workshop and Ward 9 Cafe on February 24, 2018. 

In 2016, your Team Ward 9 ran a series of Community Objectives Workshops (lovingly known as COWs) in every one of our great neighbourhoods.

This was an opportunity for our Ward 9 neighbours - including residents, community associations, businesses, service providers and community institutions - to come out and tell us what they love about their community, how we can improve their quality of life and how they can help drive the change they want to see in the future. 

From this work we were able to come together and develop a game plan on tackling important issues in each neighbourhood. We recorded all the data collected (which can be found in our Inglewood & Ramsay Raw Data Report) and distilled this information into the Ward 9 Strategic Report 2013-2017

We would like to invite all our Ward 9 neighbours in Ramsay and Inglewood to join us for a follow up session to our first COW.

We are looking to re-evaluate and review the priorities  established from the first workshop in 2016 and identify any new issues and concerns. 

You did not have to attend the 2016 COW to be able to participate in our 2018 series and all are welcome!

Interested in participating? RSVP by clicking here

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