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This is the official website for Gian-Carlo Carra, City Councillor for Ward 9 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Great Neighourhoods make a great city!

Serving the people of Ward 9, Gian-Carlo Carra is committed to investing in infrastructure, connecting communities and improving how City Hall serves the people of Calgary. From updates on issues that impact Ward 9 and city council news to events and accountability, this is your source for all Ward 9 information. 

November 27, 2017 Feature Video - 2018  Budget Update

Watch Gian-Carlo's take on the 2018 Municipal Budget and the priorities he will be focusing on. 

Gian-Carlo's Video-Blog 

Ward 9 Newsroom 

Community Objective Workshops

Your Team Ward 9 will be hosting Community Objective Workshops (loving known as COWs) in all of our great neighbourhoods throughout 2018.

We first started facilitating COWs in January 2016 and completed all the Ward 9 communites by early 2017. The goal was to connect the needs and concerns of residents, businesses and service provider with the larger strategic goals of the Ward 9 office.

The Community Objectives Workshops were a huge success!

We promised two deliverables coming out of each COW:

  1. Raw Data Reports - documenting all your questions, comments and concerns;
  2. 2013-2107 Strategic Report - distilling the information collected in each COW and connecting it to what your Team Ward 9 is doing in the short, medium and long term. 

Read the Ward 9 Strategic Report

To better understand the goals and objectives of Gian-Carlo and your Team Ward 9 (and what we are doing to tackle the most pressing issues in each of our neighbourhoods) check out the 2013-2017 Ward 9 Strategic Report

Please remember that at the time of writing this report the Ward 9 neighbourhoods Gian-Carlo represented were different than they are today.  With the changes to the ward boundaries as of Election Day 2017 we are eager and excited to facilitate these workshops in all our new neighbourhoods. 


Great Neighbourhoods

As anyone who’s heard me speak, read anything I’ve written or had the terrible luck of running into me at a cocktail party over the past seven years knows, I’ve had a pretty singular focus as the Councillor for Ward 9 on building Great Neighbourhoods


Meet the Ward 

Ward 9 is made up of some of the most diverse, eclectic and hard-working people in Calgary. Our neighbourhoods are bursting with vibrancy and culture. Gian-Carlo is proud to serve the best communities in the city. 

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Your Team Ward 9

Meet Gian-Carlo and his dedicated staff who are excited to go to work everyday in the relentless pursuit of building great neighbourhoods in Calgary.

You Team Ward 9 is here to help! Never hesitate to reach out to us. 

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